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Welcome to Dare2B-Bare! Sphynx

I am a small cattery located in San Diego California. My passion for cat breeding started over 20 years ago with Himalayan Persians.

After many years of raising the furriest cats on the planet and going through thousands of “cat hair rollers”, I discovered Mother Natures’ sense of humor. She created a “hairless cat”. I thought to myself… WOW! What a concept! A cat with NO HAIR.

I was so intrigued when I met my first bare-naked baby. She was soooo warm and naked…. She was “Bootielishous”! Hence the name of my 1st love and Queen.Bootielishous of Dare2B-Bare!
Now I can not imagine my life without one of these rare beauties to hold and to love. I can only hope you have the chance to experience the feel of their naked little bodies and the joy of their presence.

As you can see in these photos below I love Mother Nature and the outdoors.

Janice O'Grady
Direct: 619-977-2412
Fax: 619-374-1491
Email:  janice@sphynxboutique.com

CFA registered Cattery: Dare2B-Bare!
TICA registered Cattery: Dare2Bare


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